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My mom lost her 14yr old rescue Chihuahua that she used as companionship for her depression. So we went to your website to check out dogs. She had mentioned she wasn’t going to get another Chihuahua, but when her eyes laid on Billies picture, she said that was the one she wanted. So a few days later I went in to make sure he was still there and told them our story and they asked me if I wanted to bring him home to her right then and there. I was so shocked, I could have started crying.

Of course I said yes. I couldn’t leave Billie there after I laid my eyes on him. I took him home that night to his new mommy and they have been inseparable ever since. Billie loves my mom as much as my mom loves Billie. If my mom gets up to go to the bathroom, Billie follows her to see where she is going. Billie is never left home. We always take him everywhere we go. We know he was brought back 2 weeks before we got him, and had been there awhile before that. Now we know it was for him to wait for his real true mommy…

Thank you guys so much for taking care of Billie until we could bring him home.