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I’m just reaching out to thank you for helping me find my fur baby.  I adopted him on Saturday, December 12th, as a 3-month old kitten from Georgia named Ford.  Ford has since been re-named Binx by my three daughters and is the little man of the house.  We adore him and everyone that meets him can’t help but say how good-natured and handsome he is!  He did have some medical problems at first (bacteria in his ears and Upper Respiratory Infection) but the veterinarian was very impressed with all his medical documentation and how much had been done for him already.  He’s playful, snuggly and has impeccable litter-box manners as well as loves riding in the car and has already grown 1.5 pounds in the 3 weeks we’ve had him! I’ve never had a cat before but am already considering finding him a sister soon.  Please keep up the great work and thank you again for bringing us together.  This was the best Christmas present I could ever hope for.