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Hey, hey AWS/RTH family—-

Just thought I’d give you an update on Blue (formerly Lou)—I adopted him from AWS in 2014, and he became a proud alum of an AWS training course w/Kim  shortly thereafter, which he still brags about to anyone who will listen.

We’ve moved from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, so Blue has come to grace two Portlands (and two coasts) with his gorgeous face and un-endingly sweet and quirky ways. Who knew one dog could be the very best dog in two Portlands, right?

He loves coming to work with me, and he does my job as a group therapist better than I do—just ask my clients! His other favorite hobby is classic Oregon summer fodder; he has learned to pick blackberries right off the bush.

I truly can’t thank y’all at AWS (and of course, Road Trip Home and the Georgia crew) for the work you do. I will never forget that he was so loved by a staff (volunteer?) at AWS that he even got a trail named after him behind the shelter! Again, thanks for bringing this knucklehead into my life—he couldn’t be a more joyful addition and I still can’t believe he’s mine, even years after I brought him home.


Jenny and Blue