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In December of 2016 our beloved cat of 11 years, Chuck, disappeared. In January of 2017 I inherited my mother’s cat, Cole, when she was hospitalized.  I had knee replacement surgery in February and Cole was great company for me during my recovery. In April Cole passed peacefully in his sleep (he was about 15 years old).  My husband did not want to get another cat as he had a hard time when we lost them.  In August I had my other knee replaced.  It was a lonely recovery and I really missed having a buddy to keep me company.  I finally convinced my husband to let me get a cat.  I saw a very handsome tuxedo cat on the AWS site and had to meet him. I visited AWS and checked out all the cats but Mr. Socks won my heart.  I kept saying “I’m getting a new buddy!”  I picked him up the next day and as the volunteer was taking him out of the cage she said “Come on Buddy, you’re going home.”  His name just had to be Buddy!  From day one he has been my best friend.  I let him roam the house but as soon as I sat down he jumped on my lap and has literally been there since.  It has been a year since he joined our family and he has been a perfect fit!