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Thought you’d like to know that Bunny has adapted very well to her new home and is exceptionally friendly and affectionate i.e. she jumps on my lap when I read the paper in the morning and when I’m working on the computer. We’ve been able to train her to poop in the litter box (difficult at first) but now fine!

We left one of Benson’s beds in the living room and her blanket in the dining room and Bunny sleeps on both during the day; plus she comes up at night on her own and jumps on the bed and stays all night.

Her medical issues are under control and are being well taken care of and will continue to be so.

We feel we’ve both lucky to be able to find and then adopt her; and she conveys to us that she feels the same way and knows she has her forever home; which she does.

Next on the agenda is a compatible, senior, rescue dog in the Spring!


Leo and Jill