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Happy 16th Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day to this wonderful little boy!!!!!

Four years ago we were out for a drive and Morgan Davis reposted a picture from Lisa Walker with this little guy, saying he needed a furever home. My heart melted, but we had 4 dogs already!!! I showed his picture to Chris and said, “Do we have room in our heart for this little guy? His owner passed away and he’s in a shelter.” Without hesitation, Chris said, “Yes. Call them.”

We got there, and they brought him out. We took him for a little walk and Chris picked him up and asked him, “Do you want to come home with Daddy?” Buster kissed him gently on the nose and nuzzled up under his chin. The rest is history.

When we checked out, we discovered that day was Buster’s 12th Birthday. ? But it was US that received the gift.

He is sassy, spunky, funny and a punk. He loves blueberry pie and sleeping quietly on my lap while I read. There is nothing he won’t do for a Cheez-it. He and Roscoe grumble at each other so much over blanket space every night we’ve taken to calling them Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau – Grumpy Old Men.

He has never been just another mouth to feed. He is laughter, he is love, he is light and he is sunshine. On some of my darker days, he has been a shoulder to cry on and a friend to listen. He is Mama’s Boy. ?

16 is a long time. We’re not sure how much longer we have, but we will take every second.

I am thankful for him EVERY day and thankful for the man I married who’s heart is as big as a sunflower.

Please consider adopting a senior. They bring so much to the table that you’re not even aware of until they pull up their chair.