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Eight years ago, on a snowy December day, we adopted our sweet Coco.  That day, I believe her name was Nova.  We already had another dog, Niko, a Shih tzu who was so sweet natured and laid back, we thought that adding to our family would give him companionship while we were away from home during the day.  From the beginning Coco was very different from Niko.  Very energetic and “bouncy”.  She got along well with our 2 cats, and Niko.  She became my little buddy, and followed me everywhere.  She and Niko always slept together and she seemed to protect him when she wasn’t teasing him.  When Niko became ill, she seemed to know before all of us.  She became more anxious and no longer slept with him.  When we finally made our decision to relieve Niko of his never-ending pain, having her there made it so much better.  She has now become more social and now taking longer walks with me.  She still teases the cats, both bigger than she is!  When we recently went on a vacation trip, my mom had her at her home.   Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks!  My mom doesn’t sleep with animals, so Coco had to learn to sleep in her own bed, and she did.  But my mom said she followed her all over the house.  She is such a sweet and lovable dog and I’m so happy we adopted her.  We’ve done the Strut your Mutt a couple of times, and she seemed to enjoy the beautiful walk.  Keep up the good work in matching up animals with the forever homes.  She’s my second dog that I’ve adopted through AWS, and I would do it again if I ever decide to adopt another one.