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Daizy first came to me as a foster with Old Dogs New Digs last August. I had been fostering Daizy, age 8, for about three weeks when I had to go away for work for a couple of days. During that first three weeks we’d been doing a lot of trail walks and swimming in lakes. I taught Daizy to ride on my SUP with me. She was such a sweet and kind-hearted girl. During my two days away for work I found myself missing Daizy. When I got back to my friend’s house (who also fosters for ODND), Daizy was all full body wiggles and smiling so big as I came through the door. She couldn’t wait to get out the door and into my car to go back home with me. I had no doubt she had been spoiled the last couple of days with my friend, but her reaction to my return sealed the deal. I knew we had become a bonded pair and that following week, on National Dog Day, Daizy officially become part of the family!