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My Husband and I adopted Delilah back in March 2017 from the shelter. She was extremely skittish and hid on the top shelf the entire time we were in the cat room. We both knew we wanted a cat that was older and quieter since we already had a rambunctious male, 3-year-old, Blue Persian. We got Delilah as a companion for Smokey when we were at work because he has separation anxiety with my husband, and we decided that Delilah would be the best fit for our household. As soon as we brought her home she ran under the bed, and I crouched down and said to her that she’s home now and mommy and daddy love her very much. As I told her this she had tears well up in her eyes, and it broke my heart to watch this sweet little girl in such a state.

My husband and I knew that Delilah would need some work and some time to trust us, but the steps she has taken since the beginning of June have been nothing short of miraculous. Delilah absolutely adores my husband and is attached to him from the second he gets home from work. She has become such a cuddle-bug and wants as much attention as you will give her, and then some. Had it not been for The Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk we would never have found this sweet little girl, and the perfect addition to our family!