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Timber has been renamed Floyd (we think it fits his personality quite well). When we brought him home he did not know how to walk stairs, get in and out of the car, was petrified of people, and hid in a corner in the house.

After 4 weeks, he has become a delightful canine companion! He loves to run in and out of the house, play with dogs and people and spends almost no time in his crate. He is almost fully house trained!

We absolutely love and adore Floyd and he is part of our pack. He learned more from my boyfriend’s dogs than us. Gunther and Buster have been his reliable and loving companions from the first day they met.

We plan to begin training with him in another month. The trainer told us to let him first learn how to be a dog… and he is learning well. When he wags his tail I get a lump in my throat. He has brought us so much love and happiness.

Thank you for helping bring Floyd into our lives.