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Hi, just checking in now after about five months in my new digs. Things here are great! When I first arrived I was very timid and shy. The first six weeks I did a lot of hiding during the day but at night I did a lot of exploring in my house. The people left food out for me so I could eat without being scared. They would call my name and always say that they were looking for a kitty cat!! It took about six weeks for me to realize that I had hit the kitty lottery!! LOL. I have my own kitty condo and plenty of windows to look out and enjoy the sun!! There is even a magic door that has all kinds of snacks for me to enjoy besides my regular food!! I get to play a lot because I have a basket full of toys! This place even has a screened porch with a swing that I can rest in. So in return for all this goodness, I don’t scratch or bite or hiss at anyone and I know how to use the litter box. I really like being the only kitty here because I am spoiled!! LOL!! Thanks AWS and my foster home for finding this place for me!!!!