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We already had an older cat that was partial to me and my husband and our older daughter had her own cat. My youngest daughter really wanted a cat of her own. I went to the AWS to meet some kitties. A lot of them where very skittish and afraid. This little black kitten came right up to the cage door and looked at me. I picked her up and she snuggled right into me! My daughter came to meet Gretel and it was love at first sight! We adopted little Gretel and she will be 2 this March. She is sweet and super playful! She sleeps at the foot of the bed all night long. She loves to play with our other cats and her kitty mom (my daughter). She especially loves wand toys and jumps really high trying to get them. We couldn’t be happier with her in our family. We were told she was sent up from Mississippi so she came a long way to meet us and we feel so blessed!