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I had wanted to adopt a puppy since I bought my forever home in July of 2019. I had been looking on your website and fell in love with Nadia (now Jasmine), but had to work that Saturday and thought there is no way that puppy will still be there at the end of the day. I got home at 3:45pm and called to ask. I got lucky and she was still there! I rushed my husband out the door and we made it by 4:15, the last people in the door that night. I was asked if I wanted to adopt her or just play with her. I said I would like to meet her first, but yes I was there to adopt. It was all of maybe 4 degrees outside as it was the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had to meet her outside and a staff member showed us to the outside pen and then went and brought Nadia to us. It was so cold and she was so tiny I took my hooded scarf off and she scooted over and curled herself right into my scarf and my heart. Needless to say I love my dog more and more each day. I spoil her with toys and treats and love and she spoils me in return with lots of kisses. She is absolutely the best and I get complements all the time on how beautiful she is and what a great dog she is. I tell everyone where I adopted her and how great all the staff are at AWS. I continue to watch your website for when we are ready to add a sibling for Jasmine. I can’t thank the staff enough for what a wonderful experience it was to adopt her and how great they are at the clinic as we continue to go to AWS for all our veterinary needs.