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Hi there!
Wanted to give you a quick update on Chloe who I adopted Sunday. I’ve renamed her Lillian. She did very well on the long ride home. Slept most of the way. She’s slowly settling in. She’s happy in her room. Integration with the others is going to be very slow. She’s very vocal with Oliver. He’s been trying to make friends. He’s being very gentle and keeping a respectful distance though. My Chloe has been in the room once. She hissed at Lillian and Lillian had no reaction. I’m hopeful that with time Lillian will realize that her new furry siblings are ok, and will at least co-exist. I have them separated with baby gates and am working on scent swapping with a couple of blankets. The other cats haven’t been around her yet-they’re a bit wigged out by the gates. In the meantime, Lillian gets to spend her whole day with me as my “office” is currently in her room. She’s being very sweet with me, loves pets and loves catnip and a string toys.
I’ll continue with slow integration and hopefully will be able to send you another update soon with no gates 😊 I’m optimistic it will happen!