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Hey!  To whom it may concern, 3 years ago I adopted a dog from you guys and it was such a great experience that I knew I needed to look to you guys for my next fur baby.  When I saw Lobster online I knew I had to meet her.  She is absolutely wonderful and is already adjusting so well.  She’s eating and drinking and has already used her box.  I write this as she is sleeping next to me; she is probably very tired because she jumped over my head all night 😉 She was great at the vet yesterday.  Her and my dog became fast friends and she follows him around rubbing against his legs.  Thank you guys again for saving her and loving her until should could come home to live out her days.  I will see to it that she is loved and spoiled.

Again, your staff is wonderful.

Malory, Baxter, and Lobster ( she is getting a new nickname soon)