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Miss Daisie

We adopted Miss Daisie in November; we started off rough. We feared that we had made a mistake and that she wasn’t a good fit for our family. So after a week and a half we returned her. We discovered very quickly that the only mistake we made was returning her. Our days suddenly felt empty. Something we surely missing… We begged y’all to let us take her back. And by the grace of God you guys gave us a second chance with her!! Thank you so much. This dog is my world. She is so funny and always happy. She is still learning behaviors that we expect from her but she is really catching on. She still has so much puppy in her. She is very content. She and our black lab Larry play every waking minute, unless Jethro our grumpy old man Yorkie decides he’s heard enough ruckus and jumps in the middle of them and growls; they both run in opposite directions. Its so funny. When Daisie is scolded by one of us she creeps over, smiles, and bats her eyelashes, I am not even kidding. We should have named her Diva. My days are long when I think about them being home so I rush home and the daily greeting makes all life’s problems vanish!! She has become my best friend when we got her for Patrick. She’s definitely my dog and I wouldn’t change a thing!! So thank you so very much!!

Dorie and Patrick