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Miss Kitty

Hello everyone!

We adopted Miss Kitty two years ago. She was, at that time, 20 years old, by your indication.  Well, here we are, two years later and she is really enjoying family life.  My husband and I have only 4-footed children in our home, Miss Kitty and 3 other cats.  Occasionally, Miss Kitty gets rambunctious and plays with the 3-year-old male. They chase each other and hide in a box. When she is tired of playing, she lets him know. Our cats are indoor cats with access to a 35′ x 20′ cat pen. They also have access, during the summer, to the enclosed backyard when we are outside with them. Miss Kitty loves to go out to the backyard and hide under the plants, as one of the photos will indicate. For her 2nd adoption anniversary, she was served jumbo shrimp (one of her favorites) and received a new toy.

We are thrilled that we were fortunate enough to adopt such a wonderful little lady and that she is still with us two years later. Thanks again, AWS — keep up the good work!

Anne-Marie & Larry