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I recently realized that you all share adoption success stories and wanted to fill you in on Morocco’s (formerly Marco) life with me!

I adopted Morocco in March of 2013 after long debating if I was ready to have a pet of my own for the first time since leaving home. It was love at first sight and I knew I had found the perfect cat! Morocco had been brought to AWS twice before I met him and I am happy to say that he will never go back – he found his forever, fur-covered, loudly-purring, and play-filled home with me. His history of respiratory issues was a concern, but he hasn’t experienced any health issues since his adoption. He is healthy and happy as ever and you’d think this 10 year old cat was a kitten again when you see him chasing around his favorite catnip mouse at 3am!

I hope you’re able to share this story & thank you for helping me find my pet soulmate!