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Mumcat and Deka

Deka’s adorable picture was posted on AWS’s website as a featured kitty in July, 2009. She was 12-weeks old and her sad story involved being abandoned in an apartment with her mother, Darby, and her brother Disco. I could not resist Deka’s cute little face, and luckily she was still available when I went to PetSmart in Biddeford where she was being showcased. She was even more adorable in person!! After filling out the paperwork, Deka’s mom was staring me down, so I left with two beautiful cats that day. I was happy to learn that “Wild Disco” was adopted shortly after. Baby Deka is now 11 years young (and still acts like a kitten) and Mumcat (formerly known as Darby) is 12! Mumcat is mostly gray and Deka is mostly white.