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I adopted “Fargo” several weeks ago and received a telephone message from your office asking how things are going. “Fargo” has been renamed OLLIE … I did so because when he came home with us he wasn’t answering to Fargo, so I kept trying to think of names that might suit him. I tried Tanner, and Oreo, and a few others. My husband kept forgetting the name of the day, and called him OLLIE a few times and he responded with kisses and purrs and affection, so Ollie he became.

He is such a welcome member to our household. He is absolutely a cuddle bug yet fierce when it comes to standing his ground (cracks me up every time). He gets along so well with our 12 year old Pug and 3 year old Maine Coon, but he doesn’t take any flack from them! If they try to steal a treat I’ve offered to him he will growl LOUDLY and they back off, respecting his space. Right after that’s been vocalized, he will run over to Max (the Coon) and jump, play, and roll with him. He is respectful of Ruby, the Pug, and tenderly offers his face to be kissed by her, or even rolls on his back to be licked by her.

Thank you so much for entrusting this little guy into our care. He is happy, healthy, and such fun to be with!