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Today we celebrated Pablo’s 1 Year Furversary!! He is such a joy! When Pablo first came home, he was very very shy! He didn’t find his bark until we had him for 2 months and even then it was only every once in a while! Today, he “talks” all the time! He talks to the neighbors, he talks to the joggers and he loves talking to the mail carrier!

He is an escape artist! He loves to let me know that he stays in his yard because he wants to!! Pablo is an extremely fast runner and man, he loves to run!!

He knows how to sit when asked and he gives his paw when asked!

At the end of the night, Pablo loves to tuck himself in with his favorite blanket!!

Pablo has been such a blessing and breath of fresh air!! But, most of all, Pablo is so full of love that it just bubbles out of him and he is so very gentle!!

We can’t imagine a day without our Pablo Escabark! We are so glad he chose us as his family!!!