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I can only say the best of things about AWS and their staff. I had some free time and had been looking for a dog for about a year and just couldn’t find one that seemed to be a good fit for my lifestyle. When I arrived I was promptly greeted. I told them my pick of dogs that I would like to look at first, not realizing it would be the only one I would have to look at. They really seem to have the best interests for their pet’s futures in mind and in no way seemed to want to push for an adoption. We took a short walk and I couldn’t think of any reason not to adopt him right then and there. He is a Chow Chow and so naturally they had some requirements for the home. He has been an absolute joy in my life already so I’m glad that I did wait as long as I did and really traveled around to meet different breeds, ages, etc. I’ve owned several dogs in the past and I am so happy to have a new addition to my life. Thank you AWS!