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Dear friends at AWS,

I was surrendered in a very caring gesture because I was a little more of a handful than my previous family could care for.

You found me some new humans to be my new pack.  I was lucky that you cared enough to help them open their hearts for me.  When I got to my new home there were a lot of recent dog smells.  I have learned that Holly was both a lucky girl to have such good humans and also a good trainer of them.  I am learning how they communicated and teaching them how to communicate.  I was sad to loose my previous family, and my new pack were sad to loose Holly.  We are both learning that you CAN grieve and love at the same time.  Speaking of learning I am looking forward to visiting AWS for a refresher course in obedience training, and maybe also my dog to dog socialization skills.

In the last month, I have been chasing balls on the beach daily, styling in my personalized bandanas, meeting my extended family, and even receiving a blessing at church on bless the animals day.

Love and Licks (lots and lots of licks),