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Princess and Pumkin

I recently had to say good bye to my 10yr old cat Toby. My heart was broken. He was my everything, my constant.
I needed to find my perfect fit . Some sweet cat to fill that ache in my heart.
So I took a drive to AWS . Not with any expectations on finding that . I figured I’d at least see some adorable kitties and doggies that may help me find a smile again. At least for a few hours.
Well to my surprise I saw these two adorable cats. A bonded pair. I was hesitant after seeing the age on one being more than 3 years. See in my mind I didn’t want to face what I just had with my sweet fur baby Toby.
However it was love at first sight. Princess who is 6 and Pumkin who is 2, came to me, loved all over me, and I felt it . These were the ones . They needed me . And I needed them .
So I went to get someone to get the paperwork going and find out the history of these sweet babies. Well I found out their owner had recently passed ! Oh my that definitely told me we need each other !
They have settled in nicely. Princess took ownership of my robe and has found her sleeping spot on a pillow above my head on my bed, and Pumkin sleeps beside my bed on a pillow (only because Princess has claimed the bed.)
Pumkin loves to play with his toys especially his mice. Princess watches as if to say ‘hmm I don’t have time for that. I need a nap.’ When I sit on the couch I have one on both side to love on. I will say we are all a perfect fit!
Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts!