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We adopted Reid in October after waiting 2 months since our 18 year old fur boy passed away ♡ We also adopted him from AWS back in 2006. Our hearts were broken and our home just didn’t feel the same…..then we saw Reid and we rushed in and got her. She is amazing…she brightens our lives in so many ways. She also goes to work with me as a Rec Director and during remote learning days she cuddles with kiddos while they read and connect with their classmates. She gets walks and loves from everyone in the office….people stop by just to see her. This picture is of her with the OOB Easter Bunny and she was just as kind and cuddly with the big furry bunny as she always is. We wouldn’t do our event without her there as she greeted everyone who attended. We just wanted to thank you for getting her up to Maine and for change our lives and all the others she meets!