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Ricky came home with us on November 5th! He is doing really well and it took him little to no time to adjust in his new home. He loves his brothers, Jakob 9 and Shaun 5, and his sister, Zoey 7! He will play hide and seek with them when they throw a ball. He is more curious to find them than he is the ball. He has acquired three new stuffies that he adopted from the children. He loves his bones and treats! Ricky keeps my feet warm at night snuggled up at the bottom of our bed. Ricky loves the dog park and meeting new fur friends and people! He is shy to new men however he warms up quickly! Ricky did really well potty training with positive reinforcement. He still has the occasional accident because he is not vocal and doesn’t know how to ask his humans to go out. The first week we had him Ricky never barked or made a sound! Now he only barks if he hears something outside or is scared. Oh, Ricky also loves his first snow season! He runs and jumps in the snow and buries his nose! Ricky is the perfect dog for our home and we are so glad to have him with us! Thank you to all at AWS! All your staff was so pleasant to work with! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy holidays!