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We adopted Rigby (named Cinammon at the shelter), and he is doing so well. He completely adjusted to life at home from day one and is such a joy to have in our lives. He is extremely talkative, playful, gentle,​ snuggly, and sleeps next to me every night. He is well behaved and although he is almost never home alone, he doesn’t get into anything when he is. We just brought him to the vet and he is completely healthy. Interesting story actually- he has a little bit of a limp which we brought up to the vet. She discovered that he had actually broken his leg as a kitten, and although it is completely healed, it’s just not aligned as perfectly as it could be. Thankfully, this happened a long time ago and he has completely adjusted- won’t cause him any pain or complications down the road, just a funny walk! He is such a happy, pleasant little boy and we don’t have a single complaint about him.

Thank you so much for bringing sweet Rigby into our lives!

Rosie & Tasja