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It’s been a month since we adopted this beautiful pup. She has brought so much love and happiness to us. She was once called Gigi but we changed her to Ruger but mostly known as “Rue”. She’s changed not only Corey and my life, but all the other lives she’s touched. She just wants to love and cuddle, every night she crawls into bed with Corey and I, cuddled up with her favorite stuffed bunny, usually snoring. But when the alarm goes off she will flop on top of one of us.

Rue loves the vet, we’ve been to the Biddeford Animal Hospital for a check up and they just have amazing vet techs and veterinarians there that  just make things so enjoyable. She is one healthy pup, even gained 20 pounds! We are incredibly thankful for our amazing experience with the Animal Welfare Society, not only for the ease and joy we had walking in but the wonderful, beautiful and loving pup we are grateful to come home to everyday. From the hugs she gives us to the cuddles at night. She’s the perfect pup. Thank you all.

Corey, Cala, and Rue