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Rusty & Jamie

I adopted Rusty (Jack Russell Terrier) this past summer as a companion for Bleu, my Shepherd/Husky mix after his companion passed away and Bleu developed depression as he had never been alone before.  They get along great and Rusty brought Bleu out of his depression.

A couple of months later I adopted Jamie (chihuahua).  All three of them get along wonderfully!  Jamie loves to cuddle (he’s 10 and not much for playing, but every once in a while he’ll start acting silly!!) and Rusty keeps Bleu hopping always wanting to play, which has been great for Bleu as he has lost some weight he needed to lose and is playing like a puppy!

I am so glad I came in and got Rusty and then Jamie, they are a wonderful addition to the household and fit in as if they have always been here.

– Tonya