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Just wanted to thank you for this amazing little guy! Santino is fitting right in. He loves to test the boundaries with his new big sister, Gilda, with barks, nips to her face and neck, and stealing her toys that are bigger than him. She is so gentle with him but firm when she needs to be. He loves nothing more than to pull Gilda around the house by her leash. The two of them have started snuggling in her bed. He loves the sunshine, and just lays in the sun every opportunity he gets. He is a good sleeper and enjoys quiet time in his crate. Also, he has mastered “sit,” “stay,” and almost mastered “gimme one (paw), gimme the other (paw),” and is starting to “spin” on command. This is one smart pup! He is a very curious little guy and so much fun to watch him mimic everything Gilda does!

Thank you again!