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Scarlett Runner Bean

We adopted Scarlett (previously Buttons) almost 3 years ago. She is deaf, so I was hesitant at first. I did some research and decided to adopt her. She came from Georgia with Road Trip Home. I give her foster mom a lot of credit because Scarlett was a very good girl right from the start. I used a vibration collar to teach her to look at me and β€œcheck in” often. I no longer need it, she just looks at me often to see if I am near or want her to do anything. I am able to let her run free on the beach or on woods trails she is familiar with because she knows to check in with me every few minutes and comes running immediately if I put up my hand. Scarlett is very smart. People stop us all the time to ask about her because she is so pretty. She has become a great deaf dog ambassador. I would not hesitate to adopt another deaf dog. With a bit of special training, they are wonderful dogs.