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We lost our two sister yellow labs in November 2018 after 14.5 years. We rescued them from a kill shelter in Tennessee. They were so much a part of our newly married life–we got them in 2004 at 8 weeks old and were devastated at the sudden loss of both from old age.

My husband, Chris knew that I needed another 4 legged friend after having dogs my entire life and started an internet search. He found AWS and said why don’t we go to Maine for New Year’s Eve and check out the facility.

He had wanted a smaller breed and when he saw Snoopy he knew I would fall in love on site. It was the best New Year ever and Snoopy, although a challenge at 7.5 years, we have spoiled him beyond comprehension! Love him sooo much! Thank you AWS for bringing him back to good health after treating for lyme disease, heartworm, and fleas. We couldn’t be happier