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I have had amazing luck with a rabbit I adopted from you guys about three years ago. One day while I was volunteering with my mom we came across this bunny, formerly named “Jinx” that instantly caught our eye. He was a friendlier than normal rabbit and I wanted to adopt him then and there. So after begging my mom a little she let me adopt him. We renamed him Stewie and once at home we set him up in a big dog’s training cage in my room. It took a few months for Stewie to warm up to me but after sitting with him in his cage for an hour every couple nights he felt comfortable and safe around me. In a little less than a years time of being patient and spending time with him, Stewie began to come running to his cage door to see me when I walked into my room. Stewie is now a free range rabbit and has full access of my entire room and has had this freedom for the past two years. When I come home from school I go into my room and he will hop to my feet to visit me. I never thought a bunny could be this friendly but I think making Stewie a free range rabbit was a great factor in how friendly and comfortable he is with humans now. Sometimes I’ll be laying in bed doing homework and he’ll jump on the bed and then hop over and lay on my chest. It’s amazing to see how much we have bonded. Stewie even gets supervised time outside in a harness and on a leash during the nicer months. He loves hopping around the yard and chewing my mom’s flower bed. Stewie is a member of the family now, my dad’s first son. And we love him very, very much! Thanks for such an awesome little rabbit!! Here’s a few pictures I have taken of him over our years together. As you can probably see he’s gotten a little plump from his favorite apple biscuit treats.