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I am the luckiest Mom that has the privilege to share a new journey with Miss Tallulah.
She is smart, loquacious, funny, a couch potato that does a great deal of observing her humans via window watching, and also likes to be playing hide and seek, walks, and catching the proverbial early bird at 6:30 a.m. I am so very, very grateful to this girl. We are settling in and adjusting to what is best for her. Thankfully she is motivated by treats and nosework. I will benefit from all additional help, training, so we both thrive.

I lost my 2 amazing therapy Pugs, Winston & Charlie, of 14 years in approximately 6 months of one another. This beautiful soul pulled my heart strings, and so, Miss Tallulah was a wonderful journey of healing in the best way. A huge debt of gratitude I owe you all for bringing this special, sweet Tallulah and I to bond together. I humbly thank you all for adding quality to my life, I wish you all , many Blessings from the bottom of my heart.