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I wanted to thank you for bringing me up here to Maine. I love the ocean and beach and have learned to swim. I just recently learned that if I return quickly to my family when they call me that I can be off the long leash and allowed to chase the seagulls off the sand and into the water. Those darn seagulls fly a little too far away from the beach for me to swim after them but it is fun anyway. I also love to take walks in the woods near my house. I am not so good about leaving the great smells I find in the woods so my family does not let me off the leash as much when we are walking but I am trying to get better. It is just so hard when there have been so many animals in my woods in between my daily walks. I was very hesitant at first to get in the car but now have learned it goes to great places. I have been to a place called Vermont to visit other family and there I have met so many new dog friends that love to run and wrestle and go on pack walks. I can not thank you enough for bringing me up from Mississippi to meet my forever family and enjoy all the fun things to do here in Maine!