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This here fella is Dominic , a big fan of WWE wrestling and you guessed it, ANIMALS. Dominic loves all animals so much, for his 8th birthday in October, he invited his whole class to his birthday and said, “NO GIFTS! No, wait. NO GIFTS FOR ME! Give gifts instead to the animals at the Animal Welfare Society!” And it was so.

He came for an all expenses paid, state of the art, no holds barred, VIP, backstage pass Hero Tour with Humane Educator and over caffeinated optimist, Megan E. Cross and met baby rats, bunnies, kittens, cats and dogs, and finished his tour off with current AWS Heartthrob: BARNACLE. Dominic is one cool customer. No, seriously, he is super calm and sweet around the animals as well as being a way cool altruist.

Thanks, Dominic! You sure pinned down what it means to be a community hero!