Take a Dog on a Date

We are looking for short-term fosters to show our dogs some love. Short-term fostering is unique for each dog and could include:

  • A Leisurely Lunch Date
  • A Half-day Adventure
  • A Daylong Field Trip
  • An Overnight Sleepover
  • A Weekend Getaway

We’ll work with you (and your schedule) to make sure it’s the date of your dreams! It’ll be one you won’t forget and certainly one your doggy date will remember always. 🐾

If you (our you and your partner, or you and your friend – our dogs aren’t jealous!) can take a dog out soon, fill out your dating profile and we’ll be in touch!

Once you’ve filled out the form and heard back from us, you’re officially a short-term foster and ready to date! Whenever you want to take a dog on a date, give us a call a few days in advance at (207) 985-3244. We’ll work on getting something set up. Dog date scheduling always depends on how many dogs we have in care, their availability and their compatibility with your proposed activity. Most dogs are happy to go out for ice cream, not every dog likes to hike. It takes a little matchmaking on our part to make sure it’s an ideal date!