Foster Unicorns

Fostering a unicorn, what? AWS has unicorns?!?!

Nope, unicorn foster families look after dogs and cats – it’s the humans who are the unicorns. That means they are rare and extra special. A unicorn foster is one who does not have any dogs or cats at home.

By not having their own pets, unicorn foster families take in foster dogs or cats that must be the only pet. This could be a cat recovering from an illness (that is cross-species contagious) or a dog that finds it too stressful to have other dogs around. Or simply a dog or cat that is used to being king or queen of their castle and can’t imagine it any other way. Some pets just like to be the one and only and we want to find foster homes that can meet these needs.

By becoming a unicorn foster, you are helping in a very special way! You are helping pets that really need you. You are the rare and extra special light in their lives. You make all the difference to one-and-only pets in need.

Want to become a unicorn foster? We have pets waiting just for you!

If you have questions about our unicorn foster program, please reach out to our Foster Care Team via email or by phone at (207) 985-3244 ext 121.