Student Community Service Volunteers

AWS is happy to host students looking for community service hours.

Students may apply for the next available orientation session to become an AWS volunteer.  Hours served at AWS will contribute to your community service requirements. Duties for community service volunteers primarily focus on cleaning – kennels, cages, laundry, floors, doors, crates, etc. as needed. There are sometimes opportunities to help with offsite events.  Please note that the on-boarding process to become an official AWS volunteer can take a couple weeks and cannot be rushed.  Plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to go through orientation, on-boarding and training before your service hours are due.

Instead of becoming volunteers at AWS, we encourage students requiring community service to complete their volunteer hours through our At-Home Projects. Projects, which provide enrichment activities for pets, can be made at home and vary in complexity and length of time for completion.

You can download the At-Home Project Guide here.

Please follow the instruction and plan to contact the Volunteer Program Manager at (207) 985-3244  ext. 121 or email at before you begin. Your project will need to be approved in advance.