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We want to spotlight Judy Dutton this month. It is with heavy hearts that we had to say goodbye to Judy who passed away of cancer recently. For 15 years, Judy and her husband Paul worked tirelessly for the animals at AWS. A master organizer, beautiful crafter, and talented saleswoman, Judy always had a presence at AWS’ annual events raising money for her beloved cats. This love (and attention to detail!) was never more present than when she would fill and sew the world-famous Cleo Fund cat nip toys that were sold at veterinary offices state-wide. She was never more happy than sitting around a table with her fellow Crafters, chatting about each other’s foster kittens and very precisely filling cat nip pouches! She was a stickler for quality control!

A number of our staff and volunteers visited with Judy in her final days, and spent time reminiscing with Paul about all of the wonderful things that Judy would do to show her love – always behind the scenes and always in her own way.

Judy was such a fixture of AWS and will be missed every day. We feel lucky to have known her and to have had her as part of the AWS family.


September Spotlight

Let me introduce you to Christopher Perry from Sanford. Chris, who has been volunteering for over two and a half years, visits the shelter with his Aunt Rebecca. Chris is a big animal lover and loves to spend time with the dogs but just look at him with the cats. Chris has a gentle nature that puts animals at ease. He love them and they seem to love him right back.
so very fortunate to have Chris volunteer with us. Without dedicated volunteers like Chris, our animals would not all get the love and companionship they so crave. Thank you Chris for spending time with the cats and dogs and giving them lots of love and attention. We’re glad you’re part of the AWS Volunteer Team!

September’s Spotlight – our Collie Volunteers


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