Volunteer Spotlight

Special Volunteer Spotlight on…

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Jan Eon.

Let us introduce you to Jan Eon of Saco. Jan has been volunteering with AWS for over 16 years. That’s right – 16 years! Every Thursday morning she walks in with a smile on her face…and donuts in her hands. She’s the happy person who greets the public, answers phones, and accepts donations. In addition, Jan has been known to foster guinea pigs and even a rat or two. When she is not volunteering, she works at Mike Eon Associates in Biddeford which is their family run business that specializes in residential and commercial land development.

Jan has 2 dogs, 4 cats, 1 horse, and even 1 donkey! She loves nothing more than nice snowy days where she can take family and friends out for horse drawn sleigh rides.

We are so very fortunate to have Jan volunteer with us. We would not be the successful organization we are without dedicated volunteers like Jan. Thank you Jan. We’re glad you’re part of the AWS Volunteer Team!

November Spotlight

We want to spotlight Denise Sopchyk this month. It is with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to Denise who passed away from cancer recently.

Denise had been a staunch supporter of the shelter for over 6 years, and donated well over 1000 hours of her time to AWS. Small animals were her favorite. Even her dog Daisy is a small dog. In October, against doctor’s orders, she came to AWS to hold small animals. She wanted to reconnect with the guinea pigs and bunnies that gave her so much pleasure.

Denise was always willing to represent AWS at events whether it be sitting outside at Funtown or inside the gym at the Antique show. I have a vivid memory of Denise and I at an event at Camp Laughing Loon. Denise was on a chair in the middle of an exercise pen surrounded by baby bunnies and kids. She was all smiles and had a wonderful time.

Denise was such a fixture at AWS and AWS events and will be missed every day. We feel fortunate to have known Denise and to have had her as part of the AWS family.




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