Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is on Laura Randall.


Meet Laura Randall from East Waterboro. For almost 5 years Laura has been volunteering at AWS. She has volunteered in many ways including transporting animals, doing laundry, fostering cats (and adopting), and well as cleaning cat rooms. She has cleaned up after a lot of cats!

We are so fortunate to have Laura volunteer with us. She is always happy and a joy to be around. We’d like to have her around more but alas, she has a whole life outside of AWS that includes grandchildren. She glows when she talks about them.

We’re lucky Laura shares her life with us. Thank you, Laura. We’re happy to have you as part of the AWS Volunteer Team!

Last months Spotlight


Meet Dave Fortier from Sanford.  For over 8 years, Dave and his wife, Jane, have been a dedicated volunteer duo.  Almost every Saturday Dave can be found in the laundry room doing load after load of dirty laundry.  We produce a lot of dirty laundry in the shelter and Dave is nice enough to take time out of his weekend to help us keep up with it.  He knows exactly how long the washers and dryer cycles are and is able to maximize what he can get cleaned and dried while here.  I asked Jane if Dave does laundry at home, and she gave an emphatic “NO!” and a little laugh.

We are very fortunate to have Dave volunteer with us.  Without dedicated volunteers like Dave, we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do every day.  So THANK YOU Dave.  We’re glad you’re part of the AWS Volunteer Team!