Youth Volunteer Groups

Does your youth group, scout troop or school club want to volunteer at AWS? Open to groups of students in grades 6-12, our brand new youth volunteer program makes that possible!

Volunteer sessions will begin with an instructional period in the Humane Education Classroom in the Boston House (the white house at the end of Holland Rd) that will focus on a specific animal population, task, or program at the Animal Welfare Society. Afterwards, students will participate in volunteer work specific to that topic. The instructional period leading into the volunteer session will add value to the work being done. By knowing why specific tasks need to be done, how the tasks are applied, and what population is being served, students will have a greater appreciation for and feel more fulfilled by their volunteer work.

Youth volunteer groups are welcomed once or on a recurring basis.

Teachers, advisors or group leaders: please begin scheduling your group’s volunteer session by filling out the below form. We look forward to working with you to create a meaningful, fulfilling and useful experience for your students!

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