Woofstock Event Feedback

Very SuccessfulSuccessfulNeither Successful nor UnsuccessfulUnsuccessfulVery Unsuccessful
What did you like best about Woofstock? What were your favorite things about the festival? What did AWS do well?
What could be improved? What could AWS have done better? List any suggestions to make the festival better in the future.
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
As a free event, we did not sell tickets so it's hard to know how many attendees we had. Please take your best guess. This will help us plan for the future.
Fewer than 1,0001,001 - 2,5002,501-4,0004,001-5,000More than 5,000
Would you be interested in participating in Woofstock again?
Save the date: Saturday, July 29, 2023. We will begin planning the festival by reaching out to interested vendors in early 2023.
Thank you!