Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Resources

AWS Clinic

The Community Veterinary Clinic at the Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk offers high-quality, low cost spay/neuter surgery for dogs and cats.

Pricing is based on income, residence and grant funding.

Surgeries for the cats of income-qualified residents York County:

  • $0 – Feral cats

Surgeries for cats or dogs, regardless of owner’s income or town or state of residence:

  • $60 – Cats 3 months or older*
  • $150 – Male dogs (50 lbs. or less)
  • $180 – Male dogs (over 50 lbs.)
  • $200 – Female dogs (50 lbs. or less)
  • $230 – Female dogs (over 50 lbs.)

*Spay surgery is FREE for mother cats if you keep the mother and turn the kittens over to AWS for adoption

Additional services, available at time of your pet’s surgery:

  • $10 – Rabies vaccine
  • $10 – Microchip
  • $14 – DA2PP Vaccine for dogs
  • $14 – FVRCP Vaccine for cats

At the time of surgery, your pet will receive a complimentary health exam. We also offer low cost flea and parasite control; more information/pricing is available at the time of your appointment.

Please call us at (207) 985-3244 ext 120 to make an appointment.

AWS/Cleo Fund

Through our Cleo Fund, we work with veterinarians across the state of Maine to offer a voucher program for reduced cost surgeries.

Income-qualified pet owners residing in all other Maine Counties:

$30 – Cat or kitten

$50 – Dogs (up to 80 lbs.)

$60 – Dogs (over 80 lbs.)

Please call us at (207) 773-6221 for more information.

Help Fix ME

The state’s Animal Welfare Program also has a low-cost spay/neuter program for cats, pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Qualified pet owners pay just $10 for a cat’s surgery and just $20 for a dog’s surgery.

Visit Help Fix ME or call 1-800-367-1317 for more information.

For more spay/neuter options near you, visit SpayMaine.