Community Service Volunteers

Those needing community service hours should download our At-Home Project Guide to find ways to help the animals from the comfort and safety of your home. The guide includes enrichment activities and resources for our animals that are fun to work on! Projects offer varying levels of difficulty, skill and time commitment. Once completed, projects can be dropped off at AWS and will be put to use right away. Hours spent working on the projects can count toward community service requirements. Download the At-Home Guide today!

Service Hours for Adults

If you are an adult looking to complete service hours and have already reviewed the At-Home Project Guide, please apply to become an AWS volunteer. Hours served at AWS will contribute to your community service requirements. Duties for community service volunteers primarily focus on cleaning – kennels, cages, laundry, floors, doors, crates, etc. as needed. There are sometimes opportunities to help with offsite events.  Please note that the on-boarding process to become an official AWS volunteer can take a couple weeks so we encourage those interested to plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to go through orientation, on-boarding and training before your service hours are due.

Service Hours for Students

We encourage middle and high school students to complete their community service hours at home using our At-Home Project Guide. The projects they work on at home can then be delivered directly to AWS’ animals so students can see first-hand how their service hours make a difference to the pets at AWS.

Other opportunities to complete service hours include:

Please note that on-site volunteer options are limited. Thus, we recommend that all students use the At-Home Project Guide to complete some, if not all, of their hours. Download the At-Home Guide today!