Community Service Volunteers

AWS is happy to host students and adults looking for community service hours. We believe in fostering a love of animals can start at any age, and we appreciate those willing to lend a hand caring for our pets. There are many ways to help, both at AWS and from the comfort of your home.

Service Hours at AWS

Adults and high school students aged 16+: Please apply for the next available orientation session to become an AWS volunteer.  Hours served at AWS will contribute to your community service requirements. Duties for community service volunteers primarily focus on cleaning – kennels, cages, laundry, floors, doors, crates, etc. as needed. There are sometimes opportunities to help with offsite events.  Please note that the on-boarding process to become an official AWS volunteer can take a couple weeks so we encourage those interested to plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to go through orientation, on-boarding and training before your service hours are due.

Teen volunteers aged 14-15: You are invited to volunteer at AWS with a parent/guardian volunteering alongside them. As noted above, parents and their children would need to complete AWS’ volunteer on-boarding process, which includes an orientation before starting to volunteer. Student volunteer hours completed with a parent will count towards community service hours. Teens can also sign up for  Youth Community Service Hour sessions to participate in set community service sessions without a parent.  Visit our Youth Volunteering page for more information.

Middle School and High School volunteers: We offer students several opportunities for middle school and high school students to volunteer together as a group or during our select Youth Community Service hours slots. Visit our Youth Volunteering page for more information.

Service Hours at Home

For Student Volunteers: We also encourage middle and high school students to complete their service hours at home. The projects they work on at home, they can then deliver directly to AWS’ animals during a special Hero Tour. These individualized tours allow students to see first-hand how their service hours make a difference to the pets at AWS.

The At-Home Project Guide for students includes enrichment activities and resources for our animals that are fun to work on! As with the adult At Home Project Guide, student projects offer varying levels of difficulty, skill and time commitment.

Download the At-Home Project Guide for students. Before beginning a project, please check in with our Humane Educator, Brie Roche at (207) 985-3244 ext. 109 or via email for information and encouragement. We want to ensure that each student gets the most out of their service to AWS.

Thank you for helping the animals!