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Whether you adopted a decade ago, or last week, or anytime in between, we’d love to hear from you! Please tell us about your pet’s happy home!

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Happily ever after

The staff, volunteers and fosters here at AWS know that each animal’s stay with us is just a small chapter in their life’s journey. While our time together is brief, the pets we care for leave lasting memories. We relish the chance to know how our alumni are doing in the next chapters of their lives. These stories and photos warm our hearts and our souls. Thank you for sharing your pet’s happily ever after with us.

Happy Home Stories

Check out these pets, so happy at home!

  • Wisteria now Luna

    Wisteria now Luna

    (Written by Braydon age 11) My Dad and I volunteer at AWS every Saturday morning and do cat socialization. We came across a cat named Wisteria and pet her a […]

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  • Tigerstar & Willowpelt now Phinn & Luis

    Tigerstar & Willowpelt now Phinn & Luis

    We went to AWS in July 2023 for one kitten, but luckily ended up with 2! Phinn (previously Tigerstar) is such a sweet little cuddle bug. He will lay right […]

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  • Handsome now Buddy2

    Handsome now Buddy2

    We adopted Buddy2 two years ago, and he is such a joy in our home. He is 8-9 years old now. Buddy2 loves to play with his toys and loves […]

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  • Maui now Luna

    Maui now Luna

    My Luna girl was brought up from down south by Road Trip Home to AWS back in the summer of 2018. Just one day before being euthanized, Road Trip Home […]

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  • Sunny & Spritzle now Violet & Finn

    Sunny & Spritzle now Violet & Finn

    We just had to adopt the two together as they were so attached. They quickly let us know it was okay for us to live in their new forever home […]

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  • Puppy Wuppy now Benny

    Puppy Wuppy now Benny

    Benny was adopted back in 2019. He has a gorgeous brindle pattern and is the biggest baby and is so gentle. He always wants to be under the covers with […]

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