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Whether you adopted a decade ago, or last week, or anytime in between, we’d love to hear from you! Please share a story about your pet’s happy home!

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Happily ever after

The staff, volunteers and fosters here at AWS know that each animal’s stay with us is just a small chapter in their life’s journey. While our time together is brief, the pets we care for leave lasting memories. We relish the chance to know how our alumni are doing in the next chapters of their lives. These stories and photos warm our hearts and our souls. Thank you for sharing your pet’s happily ever after with us.

Happy Home Stories

Check out these adopted pets who are now so happy in their new homes!

  • Ivy and Fern

    Ivy and Fern

    Here’s a photo of my foster fails during their floor time! Fern is still super jumpy when being picked up and Ivy still nips to get her way, but they […]

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  • Jack


    Adopted this lost little guy and he is now my best bud! Thank you!

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  • Shelly now Mary Shelly

    Shelly now Mary Shelly

    Mary Shelly came into my life after I lost my Miles who I had for 14 years. Mary Shelly is very verbal, fun-loving, and smart. She gives great joy to […]

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  • Bindi Sue now Mitzy Spark Clawzilla

    Bindi Sue now Mitzy Spark Clawzilla

    I adopted this kitty recently. She is such a joy have in the family. She adjusted quickly to her new home, and she’s friendly to everyone and very loving. My […]

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  • Abe


    “I adopted Abe in February 2024. I was looking for a new dog for my family & saw his adorable/goofy pic on your shelter website. I was drawn to him […]

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  • Lana


    Lana is an amazing dog and has been the light of me and my daughter’s life. She helped us through some tough times. She has a natural gift as she […]

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ICYMI: Along with their foster mom, guinea pigs Phoebe, Peppa and Miss Piggy were guests on Fetch Me a Home this morning. Head over to @newscentermaine to learn more about this fun and groovy trio!

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