Spay/Neuter Services

More than 3,000 pets are spayed or neutered each year at the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic in Kennebunk. In addition to providing surgeries to our resident pets, we offer surgeries for dogs and cats owned by members of our community.

Surgeries are by appointment only and take place Monday – Friday. Pets are dropped off in the morning and pick up the same afternoon. Visit our pre-op and post-op care page for more information on what to expect on your pet’s surgery day.

Because we keep our spay/neuter surgery costs as low as possible, they do not fall under our Companion Pricing Program. We are not able to apply any additional discounts or payment plans. We accept ScratchPay and CareCredit for those who qualify.


DOGS: To book an appointment for a canine: Call (207) 292-2424
We are booking out  6-8 weeks for spay/neuter surgeries for dogs.

CATS: To book an appointment for a feline: CLICK TO BOOK ONLINE
We are booking out  about 2 weeks for spay/neuter surgeries for cats.


  • For dogs and cats older than 7 years, we require NSAID bloodwork to be completed prior to the surgery.
  • For female dogs over five years of age AND fifty of more pounds, a pre-surgical consultation ($50) is required.
  • We are unable to spay a dog in heat.

Spay/Neuter by Species & WeightPricing
Canine: 50 lbs or less$345
Canine: 51-89 lbs$375
Canine: 90-124 lbs$405
Canine: 125 lbs and above$495

* Only Canine Spay/Neuter pricing includes the cost of a post-surgical E-Collar. Feline E-Collars can be purchased for $10.

Nail TrimFree
Feline E-Collar$10
Feline RevolutionFree
Rabies Vaccine$20
Feline Purevax Rabies Vaccine$35
Feline Distemper Vaccine$25
Canine Distemper Vaccine$25

*All prices subject to change without notification. Please speak to a Clinic staff member directly for the most up to date information*

Special Programs

Mother Cats and Dogs – Have a cat or dog that is expecting or recently became a mother? We can help make sure there are no more unexpected litters. Learn more.

Feral Cats – Taking care of feral cat(s) in your community? Making sure they are spayed or neutered is the most important way you can help them. Get the details on our trap-neuter-return (TNR) program.


Voucher Programs

Help Fix Me
The AWS Community Veterinary Clinic is a proud partner of Help Fix Me, the state’s low-cost spay/neuter assistance program. If you have a Help Fix Me voucher, please give us a call at (207) 292-2424 to schedule an appointment.

AWS/Cleo Fund
Through the Cleo Fund, we work with veterinarians across the state of Maine to offer a voucher program for reduced cost surgeries for pets of income qualified families in Maine. Please call (207) 985-3244, ext. 126 for availability information and to apply. Residents of Cumberland or York counties, or those able to travel, are welcome to contact the AWS Community Veterinary Clinic at (207) 292-2424 to make their pet’s spay/neuter appointment, no voucher needed.