Working Cats

Do you have a shed, stable, garage or other type of outbuilding that could provide safety and shelter for a cat? Consider adopting a working cat, also known as a barn cat.

Through this specialized adoption program, we pair cats not well-suited as indoor pets with families looking for natural rodent and pest control on their property. Working cats are looking to have a job to do and are ready to provide natural rodent and pest control on your property. They are ready to work for you!

Working cats have temperaments, histories and behaviors that would not make them happy as house cats. Because they are independent, they do best as indoor/outdoor cats. These cats typically enjoy free access to the outdoors, where they can come and go at will. Territorial by nature, they’ll rarely venture far from their home turf. They understand the safety of shelter and predicability of a food source in the shed, barn or garage where they are housed and fed. Barn cats do best in groups and should not be the only cat.

Like all cats, working cats require:
– Shelter from predators and the elements
– Clean, fresh water
– Healthy, regular diet
– Veterinary care when needed

Because these cats did not receive enough (or any) human interaction in the weeks and months after birth, they do not feel completely at ease and comfortable around people. As an adopter, you should understand that these cats are unlikely to become social, affectionate lap cats. They will most likely remain shy and skittish around people but may warm up to those who take care of them, particularly those who feed them.

Like all cats adopted from AWS, our working cats are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and have tested negative for feline leukemia. For more information on what to expect from a working cat as well as how to introduce them to your property, please read our Adopting a Working Cat guide.

When we have working cats available for adoption, they will be listed below. You can also call us at (207) 985-3244 to inquire if we have any working cats ready to go home to your property.