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Led by an experienced team of certified professional dog trainers, AWS’ Canine Training program offers a variety of exciting and progressive group classes, individualized consultations, programs and social hours. Most programs are held in our dedicated Training Classroom, located adjacent to the AWS Adoption Center.

Whether your puppy is just starting out on their training journey or your adult dog is ready to try more intermediate skills, we have a class for you! If you want some time to socialize your pup, or you’d like a private lesson on a particular behavior or topic, we’re here to help.

Most importantly, we welcome pups of all ages, breeds and abilities to participate in our Canine Training program. We have something for everyone!

Thank you for training with AWS!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Join the Reindeer Games, holiday-themed training classes to keep your pup on Santa’s nice list this holiday season.

Whether your dog is the littlest elf in Santa’s workshop or if they have been pulling the sleigh for years, we have a class for you! Join us for holiday fun this December, only at AWS!

Click on the class titles for more information and to register. Reindeer Games classes sell out fast so don’t delay getting you and your pup signed up!

The Circus is Back in Town

This tail-wagging class comes only once a year!

Join us under the big top for Circus Dog where you and your pup will work together to learn new tricks and skills meant to dazzle and entertain!

Perform our special versions of walking the tightrope, jumping through hoops of fire, and sometimes just plain clowning around. Your ring leader will prepare you through 5 weeks of training for the big show held on week 6. You’ll be amazed at the feats your dog can do!

Canine Training Tips & Tricks Blog

Looking for canine training advice? You’ve come to the right place! The AWS Canine Training Team maintains a blog with regular posts, all related to your dog’s behavior and training. Learn tips to train your dog at home, get ideas on curbing unwanted behaviors, and watch videos on fun “party tricks” you and your dog can use to impress all your friends!

  • The Great Game of Tug

    The Great Game of Tug

    Need a training game that your dog will both love and learn from? What about an activity that will tire them out physically and mentally? If so, the great game […]

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  • Rainy Day Dog Training

    Rainy Day Dog Training

    Sometimes the weather doesn’t allow us to get out and exercise our dogs as much as we’d like. Sometimes the skies open up and bad weather is predicted for days […]

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  • Teaching Targeting

    Teaching Targeting

    Have you ever heard of targeting? This simple but important training technique is a great foundation behavior for your dog to learn. Simply put, targeting is teaching your dog to […]

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  • They Did It!

    They Did It!

    You may recall a story we shared a few months back about local teams of dogs training to sniff out the invasive spotted lanternfly. Well, we’re happy to report that […]

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Meet Our Certified Trainers

Canine Training Resources

Dog to Dog Introductions

Many dogs enjoy having a canine friend at home. However, bringing a new dog into your home to meet your resident dogs can be a tense time. Use the following guide for initial introductions to your dogs, and any new friends’ and family members’ dogs your dogs will be spending time with.
Learn More Dog to Dog Introductions

Dogs & Babies

Introducing a dog to a baby can be a difficult task when you are already tired and emotionally drained. The key is preparation. You need to decide well ahead of time how your dog’s routines will change—one of the biggest concerns will be who will be in charge of what tasks, including exercise. Babies and dogs can and do live in harmony, but it takes some training.
Learn More Dogs & Babies

Good Pup: Online Dog Training

Train your dog at home over video chat through GoodPup. GoodPup uses positive reinforcement training and even has Veterinary Technicians on staff. You can work with a certified trainer on basic skills or with a behavior specialist for more complex issues. Free first week and then 10% off for life!
Learn More Good Pup: Online Dog Training

How to Curb Puppy Biting & Chewing

One of the best things about puppies is how curious they are. We love watching them encountering new situations each day and helping them navigate through them. However, the downside is that puppies explore the world through their mouths! This can lead to some less than desirable bites to your hands, clothes, and household items. While we do not want to discourage a puppy’s inclination to try new things, we do want to let them know the best way to go about it. Let’s explore ways to help our puppies use their mouths appropriately and encourage time to settle.
Learn More How to Curb Puppy Biting & Chewing

Puppy Socialization Tips

Socialization is the process of exposing your puppy gently and positively to new experiences, as well as learning to give and take social cues from dogs and people. It is so much more than just exposure or having your puppy play with other puppies! We want to socialize our puppies to new sights, smells, sounds, terrain, people, dogs, cats, squirrels, weather, body handling, and coping with stress.
Learn More Puppy Socialization Tips

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For more information, please contact our Behavior and Canine Training Manager via email or telephone at (207) 985-3244 ext. 111.

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