Rocket *Bonded w/ Blue + Jewel*

1 years, 3 months
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Meet Rocket *Bonded w/ Blue + Jewel*

Rocket, Jewel, and Blue are a bonded trio of parakeets who are looking for their happy, new home together! Like most parakeets, Rocket and his siblings enjoy fresh millet and seeds early, many toys, mirrors, and swings to play with, and time spent outside their enclosure and with their people for exercise and socialization.

Parakeets like Rocket, Blue, and Jewel are social animals who are used to living in large groups. As such, spending time with Rocket and his siblings like singing, dancing, and playing with them is a great way to bond and build trust. Parakeets love their humans and can recognize faces and voices. You'll be amazed at how loyal and loving a trio of birds can be!

If interested in adopting Rocket, Blue, and Jewel, make sure to visit our Adoption Center today to meet them!