AWS Wish List

We are so grateful for donations of the items we need most. Thank you for standing beside us as we help animals in need.






To maintain social distancing and to protect our community’s health, our Adoption Center is closed to visitors. We ask that you drop off your in-kind donations (food, supplies) at the designated spot in the front of the Adoption Center. If you are donating linens or bedding, please note we are able to accept and utilize CERTAIN kinds. We can take towels (bath, hand or face cloth), pillow cases (NO PILLOWS, PLEASE!) and fleece blankets. We ask that you make these donations in a secure plastic bag. Please understand that we cannot accept or safely utilize the following: pillows, cushions, mattress pads, large blankets, comforters, bed spreads and sheet sets. 

We have organized our wish list by food, function, fun and financial. By choosing items from our list of the 4Fs, you can be assured that your donations will go as far as possible here at AWS and allow us to focus our resources on medical care, rescue missions and animal comfort.

If you can’t make it over to AWS in person, consider making a donation from our Amazon Wish List. Amazon will send your items directly to our doors (usually with free shipping!) so we’ll be able to put them to use right away. Log in via and 0.5% of your purchase price is donated by the Amazon Smile Foundation.


Download our Wish List for your supply drive!

FOOD: We can have 300+ pets in our care at any given time. Each animal receives nutritious morning and evening meals and treats and healthy snacks throughout the day. Pets with medical conditions or special diets are served the diets appropriate to keep them happy and healthy.




We ask for specific brands because keeping our animals on one brand of food during their stay avoids upset stomachs. Other donated pet food (such as Old Roy and store brands) are gratefully received by local food pantries to assist area pet owners in feeding their pets.

Would you like a reminder of our preferred brands? Download our Visual Wish List!


FUN: Our animals love to have fun! We do our very best to keep their minds engaged and bodies active during their stay.

  • Durable dog toys last the longest and are the safest for use in our kennels. We love Kongs, Nylabones, Orbees, rawhides and bully sticks.
  • Cat nip pillows and toys, and interactive cat toys such as jingle balls are purr-fect.
  • Small training treats for dogs learning obedience skills.


FUNCTION: Keeping a busy adoption center, training and youth education classrooms and veterinary clinic running smoothly is a big job. These items help us day in and day out.

: We simply could not do what we do without the generous monetary gifts from our community.

  • A monetary gift of any size allows us to buy exactly what we need, when we need it
  • Gift cards to, Lowes, Home Depot, Hannaford and local pet supply stores
  • Donations can be made online or mailed directly to AWS at PO Box 43, West Kennebunk, ME 04094


At this time, we do not need newspapers, copy paper, shredded paper, or used office supplies.

Please note that we are only able to accept and utilize certain linens and bedding items. We can take towels (bath, hand or face cloth), pillow cases (NO PILLOWS!) and fleece blankets. We ask that you make these donations in a secure plastic bag.

We are unable to accept the following items due to usability, safety, storage restrictions and laundry facility limitations.

  • LARGE DOG BEDS (new or used)
  • Food bowls, litter boxes, small animal habitats, and cat scratching posts
  • Yard sale type household goods


Do you have items you wish to donate that are not on this list? Wondering if we can use the items you have? Please CALL US FIRST at (207) 985-3244 ext 200.

Thank you for your generous support!